I am a social scientist and statistician. Much of my research is on social influence that is mediated by interactive technologies. The design of systems, interventions, and methods is sometimes both a means and an end.

I am a member of the MIT Sloan School of Management faculty, in the Marketing group. I am affiliated with the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing via the Institute for Data, Systems & Society, including its Statistics and Data Science Center, and the Initiative on the Digital Economy.

Note: For the 2022–2023 academic year, I am on sabbatical.

The principal subjects of my research are

  1. social interactions, contagion, and interventions in networks
  2. experimental design and inference in networks
  3. methods for causal inference

Multiple of these often end up appearing together in a single project.

I try to use Twitter (@deaneckles) and, less often, my blog and the Gelman et al. blog to share ideas and report on research in a more immediate and informal way than scholarly publications. I’m even on Mastodon.

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