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Working papers

Noise-induced randomization in regression discontinuity designs.
Eckles, D.,* Ignatiadis, N.,* Wager, S.,* Wu, H.*

Scalable bundling via dense product embeddings.
Kumar, M., Eckles, D., & Aral, S.

Long ties accelerate noisy threshold-based contagions.
Eckles, D.,* Mossel, E.,* Rahimian, M.A.,* & Sen, S.*

Providing normative information increases intentions to accept a COVID-19 vaccine.
(Previously titled “Surfacing norms to increase vaccine acceptance”)
Moehring, A. V., Collis, A.,* Garimella, K.,* Rahimian, M.,* Aral, S., & Eckles, D.

Native advertising and the credibility of online publishers.
Revel, M., Tohidi, A., Eckles, D., Berinsky, A., & Jadbabaie, A.

Privacy-induced experimentation and private causal inference.
Yao, L., Svanberg, M., Holohan, N., Arbour, A., & Eckles, D.

Algorithmic pricing and consumer sensitivity to price volatility.
Aparicio, D.,* Eckles, D.,* Kumar, M.*

Promoting physical activity through prosocial incentives on mobile platforms.
Yuan, Y., Nicolaides, C., Pentland, A., & Eckles, D.

Origins and consequences of long ties in social networks.
Jahani, E., Fraiberger, S., Bailey, M., Eckles, D.

Promoting engagement with social fact-checks online.
Mosleh, M., Martel, C., Eckles, D., & Rand, D. G.

Habits in consumer purchases: Evidence from store closures.
Tohidi, A., Eckles, D., & Jadbabaie, A.

Selected published and forthcoming papers

Targeting for long-term outcomes.
Yang, J., Eckles, D., Dhillon, P., & Aral, S.
Forthcoming in Management Science.

Influence of repetition through limited recall.
Sassine, J., Rahimian, M.A., & Eckles, D.
Forthcoming in Proceedings of ICWSM. AAAI.

Seeding with costly network information.
Eckles, D.,* Esfandiari, H.,* Mossel, E.,* & Rahimian, M.A.*
Operations Research. (preprint)

Trend alert: How a cross-platform organization manipulated Twitter trends in the Indian general election.
Jakesch, M., Garimella, K., Eckles, D., & Naaman, M. (2021)
Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (CSCW)

Perverse consequences of debunking in a Twitter field experiment: Being corrected for posting false news increases subsequent sharing of low quality, partisan, and toxic content.
Mosleh, M., Martel, C., Eckles, D., & Rand, D. G. (2021)
Proceedings of CHI. ACM.

Shifting attention to accuracy can reduce misinformation online.
(Previously titled “Understanding and reducing the spread of misinformation online”)
Pennycook, G.,* Epstein, Z.,* Mosleh, M.,* Arechar, A. A., Eckles, D., & Rand, D. G. (2021)
Nature. (preprint)

Evaluating stochastic seeding strategies in networks.
Chin, A.,* Eckles, D.,* & Ugander, J.* (2021)
Management Science. (preprint)

Shared partisanship dramatically increases social tie formation in a Twitter field experiment.
Mosleh, M., Martel, C., Eckles, D., & Rand, D. G. (2021)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (preprint)

Bias and high-dimensional adjustment in observational studies of peer effects.
Eckles, D., & Bakshy, E. (2020)
Journal of the American Statistical Association. (pdf, code)

Interdependence and the cost of uncoordinated responses to COVID-19.
Holtz, D.,* Zhao, M.,* Benzell, S.G., Cao, C.Y., Rahimian, M.A., Yang, J., Allen, J., Collis, A., Moehring, A., Sowrirajan, T., Ghosh, D., Zhang, Y., Dhillon, P.S., Nicolaides, C., Eckles, D., & Aral, S. (2020)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (pdf, code)

Images and misinformation in political groups: Evidence from WhatsApp in India.
Garimella, K., & Eckles, D. (2020).
Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review.

Protecting elections from social media manipulation.
Aral, S.,* & Eckles, D.* (2019)
Science. (pdf)

Learning causal effects from many randomized experiments using regularized instrumental variables.
Peysakhovich, A., & Eckles, D. (2018)
Proceedings of WWW. ACM.

Social influence and reciprocity in online gift giving.
Kizilcec, R.F., Bakshy, E., Eckles, D., & Burke, M. (2018)
Proceedings of CHI. ACM.

Exact p-values for network interference.
Athey, S.,* Eckles, D,* & Imbens, G. W.* (2018)
Journal of the American Statistical Association. (appendix on Bond et al.)

Design and analysis of experiments in networks: Reducing bias from interference.
Eckles, D.,* Karrer, B.,* & Ugander, J.* (2017)
Journal of Causal Inference.

Social influence and political mobilization: Further evidence from a randomized experiment in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.
Jones, J. J., Bond, R. M., Bakshy, E., Eckles, D., & Fowler, J. H. (2017)
PLOS ONE (code).

Estimating peer effects in networks with peer encouragement designs.
Eckles, D., Kizilcec, R. F. & Bakshy, E. (2016)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
(pdf, supplement, code).

Rumor cascades.
Friggeri, A., Adamic, L., Eckles, D., & Cheng, J. (2014)
Proceedings of ICWSM. AAAI.

Designing and deploying online field experiments.
Bakshy, E., Eckles, D., Bernstein, M. (2014)
Proceedings of WWW. ACM. (software)

Uncertainty in online experiments with dependent data: An evaluation of bootstrap methods.
Bakshy, E., & Eckles, D. (2013)
Proceedings of KDD. ACM.

Bootstrapping data arrays of arbitrary order.
Owen, A.B., & Eckles, D. (2012)
Annals of Applied Statistics.

Social influence in social advertising: Evidence from field experiments.
Bakshy, E.*, Eckles, D.*, Yan, R., & Rosenn, I. (2012)
Proceedings of EC. ACM.

Heterogeneity in the effects of online persuasion.
Kaptein, M., & Eckles, D. (2012)
Journal of Interactive Marketing.

Selected additional work

Algorithmic transparency and assessing effects of algorithmic ranking.
Eckles, D. (2021)
Written testimony in a hearing before the US Senate Subcommittee on Communications, Media, and Broadband. (Senate copy)

On loss functions and bias–variance trade-offs in causal estimation and decisions. (Comment on Fernandez-Loria and Provost)
Eckles, D. (2022)
Forthcoming in INFORMS Journal on Data Science. Adapted from this post.

Global survey on COVID-19 beliefs, behaviors, and norms.
Collis, A.,* Garimella, K.,* Moehring, A.,* Rahimian, M.A.,* Babalola, S., Gobat, N., Shattuck, D., Stolow, J., Eckles, D., & Aral, S. (2020)
Forthcoming in Nature Human Behavior.
(Report on an international survey conducted with Facebook and Johns Hopkins University, with input from researchers at WHO/GOARN.)

Spillover effects in experimental data.
Aronow, P. M.,* Eckles, D.,* Samii, C.,* Zonszein, S.* (2020)
Advances in Experimental Political Science. Ed. Druckman, J. N., & Green, D. A.

A dataset of fact-checked images shared on WhatsApp during the Brazilian and Indian elections.
Reis, J., Melo, P. D. F., Garimella, K., Almeida, J. M., Eckles, D., & Benevenuto, F. (2020)
Proceedings of ICWSM (Dataset paper). AAAI.

Enhancing and accelerating social science via automation: Challenges and opportunities.
Yarkoni, T., Eckles, D., Heathers, J., Levenstein, M., Smaldino, P., & Lane, J. I. (2021)
Harvard Data Science Review.
Report resulting from the DARPA/OSF Technical Exchange on Complex Social Systems.

Randomized experiments to detect and estimate social influence.
Taylor, S. J., & Eckles, D. (2018)
In: Complex Spreading Phenomena in Social Systems. Ed. Lehmann, S., & Ahn, Y. Y.

Field studies of psychologically targeted ads face threats to internal validity (Comment on Matz et al. 2017).
Eckles, D.,* Gordon, B.R.,* & Johnson, G.A.* (2018)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (preprint pdf, code)

Discussion of “Optimal treatment allocations in space and time for on‐line control of an emerging infectious disease”.
Eckles, D.,* & Kaptein, M.* (2018)
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics) (comment only)

Thompson sampling with the online bootstrap.
Eckles, D.,* & Kaptein, M.* (2014)
Technical report. arXiv:1410.4009.
(Also see the related review paper:
Bootstrap Thompson sampling and sequential decision problems in the behavioral sciences.
Eckles, D.,* & Kaptein, M.* (2019)
Sage Open. SMaPP Global Special Collection. Ed. Tucker, J. A., & Barberá, P.)

Selecting effective means to any end: Futures and ethics of persuasion profiling.
Kaptein, M., & Eckles, D. (2010)
Proceedings of Persuasive Technology 2010. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer.

Social responses in mobile messaging: Influence strategies, self-disclosure, and source orientation.
Eckles, D., Wightman, D., Carlson, C., Thamrongrattanarit, A., Bastea-Forte, M. & Fogg, B. J. (2009)
Proceedings of CHI 2009. ACM.

The behavior chain for online participation: How successful web services structure persuasion.
Fogg, B. J., & Eckles, D. (2007)
Proceedings of Persuasive Technology 2007. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer.

Over-exposed? Privacy patterns and considerations in online and mobile photo sharing.
Ahern, S.,* Eckles, D.,* Good, N.,* King, S.,* Naaman, M.,* & Nair, R.* (2007)
Proceedings of CHI 2007. ACM.

Mobile Persuasion: 20 Perspectives on the Future of Behavior Change.
Fogg, B. J., & Eckles, D., editors. (2007)

ZoneTag: Designing context-aware mobile media capture to increase participation.
Ahern, S.,* Davis, M.,* Eckles, D.,* King, S.,* Naaman, M.,* Nair, R.,* Spasojevic, M.,* & Yang, J.* (2006)
Workshop on Pervasive Image Capture and Sharing (PICS 2006), Adjunct Proceedings of Ubicomp 2006.

* — Equal contribution or all authors in alphabetical order.

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