Research opportunities

I am looking for interested MIT students, including undergraduate and graduate students, who want to contribute to research on social networks, applied graph theory, habits, and statistics.

Teaching at MIT

I am on sabbatical for the 2022–2023 academic year. I expect to be teaching again in 2023–2024.

Marketing and product analytics

Spring 2024. 15.819.
Information on the previous version (titled “Marketing analytics”) is here.

Design and analysis of experiments

Fall 2023. 15.838.
Doctoral seminar with a combination of (a) methodological readings and lectures on experimental design and randomization inference and policy learning, especially for field experiments, and (b) critical readings of important work using randomized experiments. Syllabus from 2019 version.

Topics in research design

Spring 2022. 15.838.
Doctoral seminar on designing empirical research, with a focus on causal inference. The course pairs methodological topics with relevant empirical studies. Topics include regression discontinuity designs, partial identification, and sensitivity analysis. Syllabus.

Free online courses

Exploratory data analysis with R

Massive open online course (MOOC) on Udacity. With Moira Burke, Chris Saden, and Solomon Messing. Enroll for free here.

Previous teaching at Stanford University

Communication 114S. Persuasion, Contagion, and Compliance-Gaining in Online Media

Summer 2011. Syllabus.

Teaching as teaching assistant:

  • CS 378. Phenomenological foundations of language, cognition, and computation. Terry Winograd. Fall 2009, Fall 2011.
  • CS 377P. Persuading people online and via mobile phones. B.J. Fogg. Fall 2006.
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