Selected press, books, etc., on my research or quoting me

Facebook explored unpicking personalities to target ads.
Rory Cellan-Jones. BBC News. April 2018.

The scant science behind Cambridge Analytica’s controversial marketing techniques.
Elizabeth Gibney. Nature. March 2018.

Facebook’s new data restrictions will handcuff even honest researchers.
Robbie Gonzalez. Wired. March 2018.

Cambridge Analytica’s ‘mindf*** tool’ could be totally useless.
Stephen Armstrong. Wired (UK). March 2018.

‘News’ spreads faster and more widely when it’s false.
Philip Ball. Nature. March 2018. Extended version at Prospect.

It’s time for a serious talk about the science of tech “addiction”.
Robbie Gonzalez. Wired. January 2018.

Facebook defends its simple 2-question survey on the trustworthiness of news publishers.
Hamza Shaban. Washington Post, January 2018.

Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley.
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Facebook wants to know why you’re sharing this bogus Obamacare story.
Dino Grandoni. Huffington Post, May 2014.

As Mark Zuckerberg celebrates his 30th birthday, is Facebook maturing too?
Alex Hern. The Guardian, May 2014.

Facebook open sources code for managing A/B tests.
Derrick Harris. GigaOm, April 2014.

Welcome to the brave new world of persuasion profiling.
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The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding from You.
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Anti-social networks? We’re just as cliquey online.
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Appland: How smartphones are transforming our lives.
Richard Fisher. New Scientist, August 2009.